The overhauling service for SACO type multispindle attachments, guarantees the possibility to bring the equipment back to its original functionality, restoring its precision and reliability for long working cycles. The tests carried out in our internal control room and the assembly tests done by our experienced technicians on our multi-spindle lathes currently under overhauling process certify the complete reliability of the entire revision process.

The availability in stock of several spare parts for SACO multispindle attachments combined with our technicians specialization in the overhauling allows complete revisions to be carried out, minimizing downtime. SACO-type multispindle attachments are dismantled and analysed in order to find out functional problems and worn out parts, then restored with replacement of all the necessary parts, the last stage consists in the operational test which, with positive feedback, is followed by the return to the customer for the production restart.